October 5, 2017

It’s time for some self care!

6:00 AM: get up
6:01 AM: check phone
6:02 AM: start the coffee
6:05 AM: check email
6:15 AM: first sip of coffee

>> fast forward >>

5:00 PM: done work
5:01 PM: in the car to get the kids
5:13 PM: pick up kids
5:14 PM: kids ask what’s for dinner
5:15 PM: you have NO IDEA what’s for dinner

From meetings, to appointment, kids play dates to romantic dates, to networking and business meetings…Life is so busy!


We can easily get caught in the hustle and bustle. We are all guilty of this..

It’s time to shift things in to slow motion so you can have some self care. Whether it be having a solo cup of coffee, having a bath or going for a walk. You need to be the top priority on the do to list once in a while.

It’s time for some self-care!


Every now and again you need to take a step back, recharge and reflect on your life, your passions and what your body needs. Maybe things won’t seem as crazy and more manageable when you put it in perspective!



How do you balance your social, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life when you’re always on the go?

Imagine these five aspects as cylinders in your car engine; if any are out of commission, the car won’t get firing on all cylinders and working with ease.

Rule #1:

Don’t feel guilty! You can’t drive across the country with no fuel … AM I RIGHT?

Here are some examples of what is associated to each of the five health aspects:

Reaching out to a friend that you haven’t touched based with in a while, unplug from social media for the weekend, try not sleeping next to your phone

Having a schedule for your health, exercise, get regular medical care for prevention, take time off when sick, get massage, get enough sleep, take vacations, take day trips, sign up for classes

Allow yourself to cry, go to counselling, love yourself, stay in contact with the important people in your life, find things that make you laugh, quite time before bed

Relaxation exercise, Netflix binge.. in moderation, Playing an instrument, Strategy game or trivia, puzzles, art, DIYs, music, dance, have a bath, have a quiet weekend in and don’t make a hundred different plans

Reflection, spend time in nature, open to inspiration, be open to not knowing, meditate, listen to music, read, religion, scheduling quiet time for yourself, say hi to people on the street


Here are a few ideas you can do around Kingston for some self – care  :

Walk the KP Trail
Coffee at one of the great cafes downtown
Walk in Lake Ontario Park
Go to the Market in Springer Market Square
Take a workshop at Kingston Collective
Maybe you have always wanted to sign up for a class or a workshop?

It can be as easy as taking ten minutes to think of all the self care things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t nailed them down!  Get those scheduled into your calendar!!

Let self care be in your everyday routine, you know you want it!

Do it for you!!


Keep that cup full!


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