April 6, 2017

You are chasing the Feeling… 

How did you feel the last time you achieved a goal you had set for yourself? Do you remember the Freedom, the Joy, the Alignment, or the Bliss you were feeling? What if you didn’t have to wait to attain your goals to feel that way? To feel the way you want to feel?

Imagine knowing exactly how you want to feel in your life…

Imagine being crystal clear on what you want to experiment, how you want your life to unfold. Naming these feelings. Having a Desire Map that will help you take decisions – big and small… Navigate your life while staying connected with your uniqueness, your true Essence. Your Soul. Having a GPS for your Soul.

Imagine instilling daily prompts, actions and steps that will make you feel just the way you want to feel. Not when you will have created this ‘perfect life’ you picture in your mind. Not in an uncertain future. NOW. Imagine knowing exactly how you want to feel in the different areas of your life, and feeling more and more that way every day.

Let’s pause for a moment.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, and take three deep breaths. Put a few drops of orange or lemongrass essential oil in your diffuser for a scented journey… And answer the following questions. Just go with the first answer that comes to mind, don’t overthink them. Ready?

  • For you, what’s the color of Joy?
  • You know you are happy when…?
  • In your body, what does appreciation feel like?
  • When you are feeling free and strong, you tend to…?
  • What moves and touches you deeply?
  • What is your favorite feeling?

Now, read your answers, and look for a pattern, repetitive words, intuitive insights… What feeling are you chasing right now? And what can you do today to feel a bit more that way?

The simple fact of being clear on how you want to feel in the different areas of your life is a powerful awareness and tool to reconnect with who you really are, and create a life that FEELS GOOD, one little action at a time.

If you are craving self-honesty, wholeness and clarity, and want to take the above exercise a little further,  you’re invite you to join us for one and a half day of Desire Mapping, with the loving support of essential oils and a small group of Women ready to set soulful goals! 

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