The holidays have finally ended, and that extra time off you had from work is finally coming to a close. This year’s holiday season was very different, as the pandemic has shifted the way we go about our every day lives. Maybe you took a few extra days off? Maybe you needed an extra few weeks? De-stressing from the holiday season can be difficult, and this pandemic has made it no cake walk. Either way, there is one mindset we are all in after the holidays: out of it.

Coming back from the holidays to remote learning, province-wide lockdown procedures, and days filled with schedules can certainly be overwhelming and does not help with that ‘out of it’ mindset that we all have.

We have a couple ways to get your mojo back and help YOU get out of that post-holiday funk!

Take it Day by Day

It may be cliche to say, and trust me, I used to think that way too! However, the process of slowing down is more rewarding than you may think. Both mentally and physically, the idea of taking it day by day is one that truly has beneficiary effects on your wellness.

This process goes hand in hand with not only improving your mental and physical wellness, but helping to achieve your goals. The New Year is filled with resolutions, and it can be overwhelming at times to put those goals in action. However, it doesn’t have to be! By taking it day by day, you are able to focus on that goal at hand and work to achieve it. Goals don’t just get achieved in a day, but by taking it day by day you are able to slow down your fast-paced lifestyle become one step closer to achieving that goal!

Cherish Your Time

Time is a precious thing, and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that. Your time is too precious to be caught up in the exhausting cycle that can be taxing on both your mental and physical wellbeing. By embodying the idea that time is to be cherished, your mindset will start to develop into a mode that declutters your priorities for you. Subconsciously, your time is being not only prioritized but cherished when you are in the right mindset.

By deep cleaning your commitments, there is less of an impact on your mental wellness when you are feeling overwhelmed. Go ahead and say the words ‘I need time” because every one deserves some time to their self.

Focus Forward

It is common to go into the New Year with the mindset of looking back at all you have achieved in the past year. However, it also is common to reflect on what you may have not achieved within the past year. Believe it or not, looking back onto what you didn’t achieve is a heavy weight that is stopping you from being successful in the New Year.

The New Year can stir up many emotions. The cycle of thoughts about what you could have done differently, however, is more harmful to your overall wellbeing than people may think. That simple “I wish I went for a run more” and “I never got around to re-doing my bedroom” is quite detrimental on a mindset that has the intention of moving forward.

That is where the phrase “Focus Forward” comes into play, one that is personally my favourite. All of those feelings and sayings are normal, and quite common. We have all had those moments of regret and disheartened feelings towards failed goals, however, those emotions can become amplified to help us move forward. It is important to focus on what you are going to achieve in the New Year rather than what you may not have achieved.

The goals you may have not achieved in the past year can be new challenges, one that will only heighten your energy of moving forward even more. Focusing on the future and the New Year ahead rather than the year that just passed is a great way to understand great new opportunities that will help you succeed, and help you generate the energy you need to surround yourself with in order to get started.

These three small characteristics can contribute to the bigger picture: Getting You Un-Stuck.

Combined, these characteristics can shift your mindset from one that is set in 2020, to one that is focussing on the bright lights of 2021. Think of this year as your year. It is not the pandemic’s year. It is not the holiday funk’s year. It is YOUR year.

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