Osteopathy is a holistic approach to wellness, with a hands-on modality. It is a wonderful option for people of all ages and abilities. Osteopathic treatments consist of manual adjustments that are localized and specific and focused on relieving pressures and restrictions. Techniques include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance, all monitored by a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner.

The Basics

Osteopathy is based on an extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology and is anchored by four fundamental principles:

➊  The body is a complete unit (mind, body, spirit)
➋  The body is self-healing and self-regulating
➌  The structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) are interrelated on all levels
➍  Rational treatment is based on these principles

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s unpack how Osteopathy works.

How Osteopathy Works

Imagine tying a string around your finger. After only a short while, the string begins to affect nerve supply, blood supply and general circulation. If you left that string on for a long period of time, your finger would stop receiving the vital circulation it needs to thrive and the tissue would eventually break down and die.

Osteopathy is all about getting rid of the “strings” in your body. The practice looks to balance restrictions and asymmetries so that every tissue, everywhere, has exactly what it needs to the healthiest it can be.


Osteopathy can provide relief and treatment for a wide range of conditions. Those being, and not limited to:

  • Arthritis 
  • Foot, ankle, hip, and knee pain 
  • back pain, neck pain
  • Hand, shoulder, and elbow pain 
  • Headaches 
  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
  • Postural problems due to pregnancy, sports injury, driving or work strain, or digestive issues

Quite commonly, Manual Osteopathic Practitioners can also detect conditions that are not treatable through Osteopathy and refer clients to other specialists. Working together to treat the client is often the best way to see the best results!

What to Expect

Initial assessments include a health history intake and a physical assessment, followed by treatment, and are usually about 50 minutes in length. Subsequent treatments are approximately 25 minutes in length.

The client will be asked to demonstrate simple stretches and movements to help the Manual Osteopathic Practitioner to make an accurate analysis of their health condition. They will also assess the health of the joints, ligaments, and tissues.

During the treatment, the Manual Osteopathic Practitioner will propose a treatment plan to meet the client’s needs. That may be asking to see you on a two week basis, or a monthly basis. Your treatment plan is individualized to your wellness, and your wellness only!

You are not required to undress for Osteopathic sessions, though it is recommended you wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, such as yoga pants/shorts and a tank top/t-shirt/sports bra.

The Cost of an Osteopathic Treatment

Based on the Osteopathic treatments at Full Circle Health Network, fees are as follows:

  1. Initial Assessment: $115.00
  2. Initial Infant Assessment (6 years and younger): $115.00
  3. Follow-Up Treatment: $85.00
  4. Follow-Up Infant Treatment: $85.00

The Benefits of an Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy can benefit the musculoskeletal framework and other systems within the body. It is a holistic approach to wellness, that is both hands on and effective. Here are a few examples:

Osteopathy and Back Pain

Treatment for both acute and chronic back pain involves gentle and subtle manipulation, especially of the muscles and soft tissues. The Manual Osteopathic Practitioner may stretch or massage the muscle, as well as may suggest dietary modifications and changes to workplace ergonomics, such as seating and desk position.

Osteopathy and Sleep

Pain and discomfort from underlying health conditions can lead to a lack of sleep or restless nights. No person should spend their nights in pain, and Osteopathy is a great way to relieve some of that pain and improve your sleep quality.

How to Get Started

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