The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has many staying confined to their homes. I mean, at first, it is great! Endless Netflix shows, quality time spent with your family and new hobbies to be found. However, when the Netflix shows end and the lack of social interaction sets in, a negative effect on your physical and social health also sets in.

Your physical and mental wellness is a priority and should continue to be a priority even in quarantine. Through various self-care techniques shared below, you can find ways to keep your wellness a priority!

Yoqi Meditation Workout

Yoqi is a perfect start to your everyday self-care routine! A woman combined qi gong and yoga practices to make a really beautiful workout option.

This is a fantastic option if you are feeling restless or stagnant. Through her teachings, she has various videos for free where you can embody a new physical and mental wellness option from the comfort of your home. By incorporating the martial art of Qi Gong into her yoga practices, she embodies the millennia-old system of coordinated body posture, movement, breathing, and meditation into one practice.

For those who are more focused on clearing their sinuses and anti-ageing techniques, this woman offers several Yoqi workouts geared towards draining your sinuses “cleansing” yourself for when you feel sluggish or slow or not very motivated.

Full Circle Health Network owner and Manual Osteopathic Practitioner, Genèvieve Zizzo, regularly uses this self-care technique and often recommends it to her clients.

Mindfulness Meditation

Many individuals believe that to master meditation, a quiet room, candles, and essential oils have to be in play. Let’s debunk those myths!

Meditation is easy to do, and doesn’t require anything more than you already have right at home! Simply, all you need is your mind. Meditation is an easy yet effective way to prioritize your mental wellbeing and is personally my favourite self-care technique to use.

It can be hard to put yourself in the right mental space to meditate, especially with a busy household of other family members also in quarantine. However, what many do not realize, is that you can actually listen to meditation! Whether you are doing the dishes, laundry, or reading a book, online meditation can be played on various apps such as YouTube for example.

Meditation not only puts your mind into a state of wellness and healing, but can impact your everyday awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. With the stress that 2020 has inflicted upon us, this is a great way to keep your mental wellness as a priority!

Listed below are links for different online meditation sources:

To uplift and get motivated (A great way to start to the day or to get into a positive and abundant mindset):

To let go of drama, fear or anxiety:

To set boundaries, self-love and courage:

Body love/self-love:

Sleep (You can turn this one on before you go to sleep and fall asleep knowing that your brain will be listening to positivity while you sleep!):

For access to thousands of free meditations, I recommend Insight Timer. This is a free app where you can listen to endless hours of free meditation. With this application, you can make playlists that cater to your personal wellness!

Finger Labyrinth

For those of you who cannot keep your mind still, we have a technique just for you! A busy work schedule and remote learning little ones shouldn’t stop you from making your self-care a priority. Finger Labyrinths are perfect for just that reason!

Much like the root of the word, Labyrinth, a Finger Labyrinth follows a mapping technique. It is a portable version and the meditation is generally from a seated position, tracing the labyrinth from the non-dominant hand. The key part here is that you can either make your own labyrinth or find one online!

A portable labyrinth can be made from wood or stone, drawn using an app on your phone, sketched on a piece of paper or even downloaded online.

The concept of the Finger Labyrinth embodies the idea that when you are stressed out with everything occurring in your life, to create the time in your day and focus solely on your thoughts can relieve the stress you may be experiencing. It is not only a problem solver for external factors within your life but a great way to focus on one factor at a time.

For a more aesthetic based Finger Labyrinth, you can find pre-made models on Etsy!

Phone Affirmations

Ever need a simple reminder to take time for yourself or that you are doing a good job? Phone affirmations are catered just to you!

Phone affirmation apps are both popular and simple. They are not distracting or get in the way of your work, they are just simple reminders that remind you of the things that matter in life; YOU!

They are both positive and effective and contribute heavily to your self-care. Sometimes you just need a simple reminder that it is okay to take a mental wellness day. When you repetitively read the same positive statement, it helps to keep your mind focused on the positive rather than the negative.

The one that I use is called “I AM.” If you are an Apple user, the new IOS update allows you to create your own customized home screen where you can get your own affirmations on your phone. Whether that be a small statement or a reminder, the use of looking at your phone and seeing a positive statement is more beneficial than you may think!

Sleep Before 11:00pm

Seem impossible? You aren’t the only one! Quarantine has us staying up later and sleeping in later. It seems like a great way to shut off your mind for an extra few hours of sleep later in the night, when in fact, it is detrimental to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Some of our most important physiological functions occur between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am. Being asleep during that window is crucial for those processes to be uninterrupted.

If you have trouble with getting to sleep any earlier than 11 pm, a great natural supplement to help is Melatonin. I take this supplement when I am having trouble sleeping, and it is a miracle worker! Whether you are having trouble achieving sleeping through the night or tossing and turning and turning, this supplement is amazing.

Another way to get to sleep and stay asleep by 11 pm is Hush Blankets. They are weighted blankets, first premiered on Dragon’s Den, and have taken Canada by a storm. They help to calm those pesky anxiety symptoms, as well as give you a weighted feeling to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. At Full Circle Health Network, we sell various sizes and types of Hush Blankets for clients to purchase.

With all of these techniques in mind, it is possible to achieve the perfect balance of mental and physical prioritized wellness within quarantine! Self-care should not be a chore or even something that cannot be prioritized due to a busy schedule. As individuals, we work better when we are at our best. Ever tried to run a marathon while undergoing a cold? No amount of cough syrup can make you feel your best.

As a clinic with the big picture always in mind (holistic care), we believe that there is more than one path to wellness. Meditation may not work for everyone, but it might just work for you!

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