This blog is written by our newest team member, Angela Vanderwees, our psychotherapy intern who is currently accepting new clients for reduced fee one-on-one therapy while under the clinical supervision of an experienced psychotherapist

Have you ever felt as though things just weren’t lining up for you?

Do you feel confused? Things in your life are objectively pretty good but for some reason it’s almost like there’s a dullness filter over everything?

Maybe you feel like there isn’t anything to do – surely people don’t go to therapy just because things feel “dull”?

But guess what? They do – and you may want to consider it if this sounds like you!

Counselling can be for anyone!

Therapy or counselling doesn’t just have to be for people who are struggling with things like severe depression, anxiety, or PTSD.  An absence of those issues doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is thriving.  In fact, research from Sin and Lyubomirsky (2009) found that only 20% of Americans reported that they’re “flourishing.”  

I heard the term “flourishing” in my very first textbook for my Masters in Counselling Psychology program, where the distinction between “flourishing” and “languishing” was highlighted.  Most people, even if they don’t fall into the languishing category, likely aren’t as happy as they could be.  For example, a person might be living with an absence of any major mental health problems, but yet life still doesn’t feel overly satisfying.  

My philosophy on therapy

As a brand new face in the field of psychotherapy, I’m excited to offer a fresh positive perspective where I will help individuals focus on their strengths and guide them in finding solutions. 

Ever since that very first course, I’ve been passionate about positive approaches to therapy, and the realization that even when problems like depression and anxiety don’t exist, there’s still room for one to improve their mental health. 

You don’t need to rehash your history over and over!

While some therapeutic methods spend a great deal of time going over one’s history and problems, I’ve embraced a different approach where that generally isn’t necessary.  Rather than spending hours talking about what’s happened and what isn’t working, we can start by exploring even small exceptions to problems and use those to identify solutions and create a path towards a happier life. 

I also believe in externalizing problems, which means that rather than saying an individual is depressed for example, I would say depression is something that has been weighing down on their life.  Extracting the problems from the person leaves room to reconstruct a more preferable life story, one where those problems are not present.  

As a qualifying registered psychotherapist and counselling intern at Full Circle Health Network, I’m offering low rate sessions; clients can pay a reduced fee but have the reassurance of knowing their case will be overseen by a psychotherapist with many years of experience.  I acknowledge that this is the very beginning of my practice, it’s a learning experience and I welcome feedback not only from my supervisor but from my clients.  If one approach doesn’t feel right, we can always try something else.  

Who should consider therapy/counselling?

Here are some reasons you might consider therapy or counselling:

  • If you’re being weighed down by problems and its affecting how you act, behave and think on a regular basis
  • Sometimes it feels like you are in a dark hole, and you’re struggling to find your way out
  • Your life is going “okay” but you seek more happiness and fulfilment
  • You’re relatively happy in life but feel there’s room for improvement in some aspects such as relationships 
  • As a preventive measure to avoid a decline in mental health

I firmly believe that my number one role as a therapist is to instill hope.  The year 2020 has been a year filled with challenges for everyone, and no matter what’s going on for you, therapy can help you find the hope you need to not only diminish your problems but to truly begin flourishing!

If you’d like to get started and are ready to see your life flourish before your eyes book in a free, no obligation information call HERE to see if I’m the right fit for you!

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