Acupuncture has been used for treating a wide range of health conditions for centuries. This holistic wellness treatment is based on traditional Chinese medicine and has been proven to help reduce pain and other underlying health conditions. However, just like with any new treatment, comes myths.

Specific to acupuncture, many are quick to ask the following questions:

  • Does it hurt?
  • Is it true it’s a needle?
  • Will I bleed?
  • Is it uncomfortable?

Whether you are thinking of trying acupuncture or interested in learning more about it, we are here to bust some of those myths today and make you an acupuncture wizard!

Does it Hurt?

A most common question that is asked when talking about acupuncture is whether or not it hurts. I am here to tell you for a fact that it does not! It is true that Acupuncturists place needles into your skin during treatment, however, these are extremely thin needles. Think of a single hair on your head, and shrink that about 10x. When acupuncture needles enter your skin, you’re not likely to feel anything other than slight pressure (if that!).

Am I Going to Bleed?

When something pokes your skin, it is a natural reaction to draw blood. However, that is not the case with acupuncture. Much like every individual, every body is different. It is not guaranteed that you will not draw blood, however, it is extremely rare. If anything, a little spot will show up and that will be it!

Is The Needle Big?

Surprisingly no! An acupuncture needle has one purpose: to heal. Think about everything you know about regular needles, and throw that away! Acupuncture needles are smaller than your average needle, and do not go directly into your body. They simply sit under the skin, and do not go any deeper to where blood will be drawn or pain to occur.

On the contrary, if you’re worried about needles being used on other clients, keep in mind that acupuncturists are required to dispose of used needles and use brand new ones for each treatment.

Is it Uncomfortable?

Every body is different, just like every individual has a different pain tolerance. If you are undergoing acupuncture treatments for a health condition that has caused you immense pain, a small needle may not feel the best. However, acupuncture is relatively pain-free. The most pain that is usually said by clients is an occasional dull ache at the base of the needle when it is first inserted, then it subsides.

Am I Healed After One Session?

While acupuncture is an effective form of pain relief, it usually takes more than one treatment to provide long-term results. Depending on how much pain you’re experiencing or whether you need acupuncture for a different type of health problem, your acupuncturist might suggest coming in for several more treatments.

After one session, however, you may feel significant relief in some problem areas (depending on what you are getting treated for). Much like anything in life, it rarely takes one try to see results. However, multiple sessions may just do the trick!

Will I Experience Side-Effects?

The biggest side-effect that any client has ever recalled is a feeling of drowsiness. Having acupuncture done can cause several side effects that can improve your overall well-being. Not hurt it! You might find that you feel more energetic and less stressed, as well as be ready for a good night’s sleep!

Wrapping it All Up

Acupuncture is a method of supporting the body/mind systems in their own natural healing processes. The benefits of acupuncture are sometimes difficult to measure, but many people find it helpful as a means to control a variety of painful conditions. Many of these myths are simply, myths.

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